Along with the standard service available to our individuals and business clients we offer additional support in the following areas.

    • We have been supporting municipalities for over a decade and are familiar with many of the custom software that they employ.  It is due to this knowledge that we are able to support many of these systems with little time needed to analyze, and can remedy issues.

    • Due to our ongoing experience in this market we have established contacts with vendors that serve municipalities and have a rapport with them that will enable us to better serve you as a client.

    • We can inform you of trends and changes that other municipalities are making.  This allows us to stay in front of the curve and have you better prepared to deal with the changes that might eventually come your way.

    • We understand the nature and challenges you face as a municipality.  We have and currently are working with other municipalities and various departments including Police Departments and Judicial systems to make sure their IT needs are met.