Meet the People


Stacey, Linda & Fred (seated)   (L to R) - Bob, Fred, Linda, Stacey, Tyler, Paul and Nickolas


Linda at work-webLinda started working in the credit department of Sears Roebuck at the age of 16. After getting married and moving out of state she continued to work for several years. After having her first child she became a stay-at-home mom until all her children were grown and in high school.

She then started substituting as a teacher’s aide in the school district wherever and whenever she was needed.

In 1993 Fred, her husband, lost his job at IBM. At that point they decided that instead of Fred getting another “job” they wanted to start their own business. Fred had a computer background and Linda had a business background having taken business courses in school, attending a business school after graduating from high school and the six years experience as a credit clerk.

They pursued this venture together taking entrepreneurial classes and marketing seminars.

It started off being just Fred and Linda. Fred doing the marketing and sales and as the business started to grow Linda doing the scheduling of appointments, accounts receivables and estimates. As the business grew over the years they were able to hire employees. In 2008 Stacey, their daughter, joined them as well. With hard work and perseverance they have grown to be what they are today 18 years later.


Stacey at work-webAfter graduating from high school Stacey started working in Banking as a teller. She worked her way up to head teller and soon became assistant manager. After having her first daughter, Marisa, she started working part-time until she had her second daughter, Jasmine. Stacey left the bank to be a stay-at-home mom while working from home running the office for J&S seal coating and Aquaman Pools.

Once the children grew older Stacey joined the business with Fred and Linda at Firthcliffe Technologies, Inc. She is now Vice President and is in charge of the bookkeeping and purchasing. She has taken entrepreneurial and bookkeeping classes to improve her skills.

In her spare time Stacey enjoys running and spending time with her girls.


jeanmarieJeanmarie graduated from Westchester Community College with and AAS in Data Processing. Her minor was in Accounting, and subsequently worked in and around this field for most of her life. She first began at Saturn Construction Company in the Accounts Payable Department processing bills and contracts. She then went to work at Wilton Foods Inc., an airline food company, in charge of bookkeeping.  After getting married and relocating, she found work at Arc-Com Fabrics Co. Inc., a fabric textile company and was also in charge of bookkeeping. She was there for about 3 years before having her first daughter, Taylor. She continued working for about 2 years until deciding to become a stay-at-home mom. While home her second daughter, Meghan, had arrived.

While staying home for the next 7 years, she was running Scenic Landscape Design, Inc. a company she and her husband started and ran themselves. Simultaneously, Jeanmarie was babysitting full time during the week.  

Now she has joined Firthcliffe Technologies, Inc. working part-time. She helps with running the office whenever she is needed.

Jeanmarie also enjoys gardening, swimming, bike riding and spending time with her family!


Fred at work-webFred’s technical background started when he joined the United States Air Force after finishing high school. His specialty training was in electronics, being trained as an Avionics Technician repairing Radar systems for F4C/D Fighters. After four years in the Air Force and going all over the world on assignments, Fred returned home and attended Orange County Community College. Before he finished College he was offered a job in South Jersey again as an Avionics technician doing bench repair for on-board radar of the F-106 aircraft. After three years back in the military with Air National Guard, Fred left the military and spent two years working as a bench technician for Cable TV in the Atlantic City area. In addition to repairs of network amplifiers and other equipment, he designed and implemented cable networks for high-rise buildings.

Because of his electronic background Fred was offered a job at IBM in the Hudson Valley. Fred was employed by IBM for sixteen years and during that time he started as a systems test technician, then after teaching himself several programming languages he became a systems diagnostic programmer. Finally because of his hardware and software experience he became a computer architect and was involved with the design of several families of complex large main frame computers.

Fred left IBM in 1993.and along with Linda his wife they, started Fred Lewis Computers. Together they grew and ran that business for over sixteen years. Fred Lewis Computers focused primarily on providing outside IT services for small business, professionals, and municipalities, offering them support for their computing needs. Services provided range from simple repairs and PC upgrades to complex network and systems design, implementation, and consulting. With the availability of high-speed internet, remote assistance has made available immediate assistance for users which include routine preventative maintenance and monitoring on both small and complex networks.

After 16 years, Fred and Linda, along with Stacey, their daughter formed a new business, Firthcliffe Technologies. This business continues to offer outside IT support. Fred’s responsibilities changed from being the president to Chief Technology Officer, Linda has become the President and Stacey is the Vice President.


Paul at bench-webPaul’s original background was in electronics with an A.A.S degree in Electrical Technology. His first job was with IBM in their research lab building test circuitry designed at that lab. Paul then went to International Nickel’s Research and Development Center where he tested materials ranging from various metals, plastics, and batteries. Paul returned to school at night to pursue a degree in computer science.

When International Nickel closed the lab in 1984, Paul started working for International Paper’s Research and Development Center and continued work as a technician testing materials but they were now all paper related products. Paul began more computer related work and transferred into the Computer support group in 1988 where he became the operator for the mainframe onsite. He also setup the first PC network at the lab which eventually was expanded by the group and replaced the mainframe as well as the word processing machines. Paul was also the Administrator for the IBM RISC 6000 system onsite as well as their PC network.

In 2000 the support group Paul was part of merged into corporate IT and he became a regional network administrator in a group that supported about 60 sites in the northeast for International Paper. All those sites were connected to their corporate WAN. Paul was involved with corporate rollouts of new PCs at various sites some of which had up to 300 PCs which needed to be replaced in a few weeks. In 2004 the research center was closed.

Paul worked as a contractor for a short time until he joined Fred Lewis Computers, Inc. in 2005. He worked in their bench area in the shop building and repairing PCs and installing software and removing viruses and spyware from customer PCS. Paul started working onsite at the corporate clients and municipalities. He became more involved with server administration and network installations and upgrades like in his prior job. When Firthcliffe Technologies, Inc. was formed Paul stayed on as part of the staff. He has become more involved with Exchange Server rollouts at client’s who wish to have their own in house email. He is also the main support person for many of Firthcliffe’s municipal clients.


Bob at bench-webBob started out in manufacturing back in 1988 doing automation and injection molding. On the side he was an avid PC gamer. He was very interested in the hardware side of the PC so he decided to begin to build his own PC’s. Since then Bob returned to school for Network Communications and Information Technologies, which took his hobby of being a PC gamer and the love for PC hardware to the next level. He started building PC’s for friends and co-workers until he joined Firthcliffe Technologies in 2010. He continues to build custom PCs for clients, integrating into complex Network environment installing and configuring both custom and traditional desktop software and data bases. He also enjoys virus removal and networking, which are new and exciting fields for him.