You may be wondering how Firthcliffe Technologies, Inc got its name. The property where the Firthcliffe Club used to stand now houses the home of Firthcliffe Technologies, Inc.

Firth Carpet Mill


Firth Carpet Mill was founded by Thomas F. Firth who came to Cornwall from Scotland. The mill employed 500 people at one time. Firth carpets were sold all over the world. It was in operation from 1886 to 1962. The complex was sold to different companies and in the late 1970s it made material for clothing. The name at that time was Majestic Weaving.

The Hollow

The Hollow, Firthcliffe, N. Y. This picture shows a row of the houses built by the Firth Carpet Mill for housing for its employees. In the background is the smokestack of the mill. The mill built a school for the children of the employees and a club house for weekly dances and lectures.

Fire Department


Fire Department, Firthcliffe, NY. This firehouse was built as part of the Firth Carpet Company Community.  The  building is located on Willow Avenue in Cornwall, NY.  It now houses a beauty shop since its use as a firehouse.

Up The Hill


These buildings were part of the Firth Carpet Company community in Cornwall, NY. The large building was the post office and the smaller building on the left was Anna Smith's general store. In the left background is a view of the train station. The mill was down the street and to the right behind these buildings. The large building is still there and is a private home. A picket fence is in front of the third house on the left. A horse and buggy is in front of the post office. It was probably used to bring the mail up from the train station at Cornwall Landing. The train station in the left background has a spire similar to that of a church. It was part of the O & W railroad system. In the background is Schunnemunk Mountain.

Firthcliffe Club


The owners of the Firth Carpet Company built the clubhouse for their employees. The first floor had a pool and billiard room and reading and card rooms. The second floor had a gym and dance floor. The basement had bowling alleys. In 1917 movie pictures were shown. In 1921 John Robert Smith opened a barbershop in the clubhouse. The clubhouse was large to enough for 200 people to attend the dances. The Christmas party in 1938 had 1,000 people in attendance. The Firthcliffe Clubhouse was built in 1903 by the owners of the Firth Carpet Company in Cornwall, NY. In 1965 the clubhouse was sold to Mr. Salvatore Macri. The Cornwall Hospital was the owner before Mr. Macri. In 1970 the Firthcliffe Club burnt down.