Back Up - Today Before It's Too Late!

Do yourself a favor and start a habit of backing up your data. It only takes a little time but saves heartache and hours and hours of time needed to recreate the data. Some things like family photos may never be able to be recovered.

How do you do it? There are many ways such as an external hard drive, CD’s or DRV disks, or perhaps the easiest of all a USB thumb drive. How do you get your data backed up? Let’s take one example, the USB drive. Highlight the data file or folder and right click, go to send to and finally click on the drive letter of the USB device. Big hint… look at the drive after backing up your data. There is nothing worse than thinking that your backup worked and it didn’t. If you still need help contact us and we can setup a one-on-one time to help you with your personal backup questions.